Paint by Numbers Australia

Paint by Numbers Australia is a relaxing art hobby. It allows you to create a beautiful image without years of art lessons and even more talent.

I have enjoyed painting on numbers as a hobby over the years and I have collected great tips to help me create a beautiful picture that I am proud of.

Choosing the right set

There is a huge number of Paint by Number (PBN) kits available and some are heavier than others. If you are skilled and looking for a real challenge, you can embark on a complex scene with lots of details or even an Oil PBN set.

On the other hand, if you are at a new level and really want to create a beautiful looking result, then stick to standard acrylic sets.

It is cheaper and has many simple designs: still alive; colorful fantasy paintings; pictures of dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

Pick the excellent supplies

A good PBN set is having almost everything which you need to complete your whole masterpiece. That’s why it’s a fast and cheap artistic hobby.

However, you will also need a few extra things that you will probably have around the house: a palette (a very smooth plastic board is very good), a transparent brush for washing the brush between colors and a cloth around the brush.

When finished, brush gently. Wash it. This will keep your color clean and neat.

Take the time

The PBN set can provide you with many hours of relaxation and fun, so have fun! Play your favorite music (not too loud), have a hot drink and sit in a quiet place. Later on you can start painting!

Paint by Numbers Australia

Sometimes I get bored of painting in a certain color or area, so I go to another section. It was very satisfying to see how the image formed over the course of hours and weeks. No hurry.

Get inside the lines

With more detailed Paint by Numbers designs, this can be very complicated. I bought a special art brush to help me with that. It only costs a few dollars and will take a long time.

Try to stay creative with different colors

You don’t really have to stick to the colors listed on the paint by numbers Australia sheet. Normally, your image will look better if you add a little white or yellow to that color.

This is yet especially true if you want your whole image to look very similar to the piece of which is original. I enjoy experimenting with colors and I do more and more of them as I am more experienced with PBN.

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