yoga mats

Even if you are just starting out in this healthy exercise lifestyle, congratulations on deciding to purchase yoga mats.

It’s not just about fitness when you practice yoga; it’s a way of life. You want to extend your life by staying fit and in good physical shape. However, what kind of yoga mat should you use as a beginner?

Yoga is a sport in which you can choose any slip-resistant yoga mat that you desire as a beginner. Mall yoga mats or mats purchased directly from an online seller offer different qualities, so you can choose the yoga mat that is right for you.

In general, PVC mats are the most popular and are among the best sellers.


A polyvinyl chloride is also known as PVC. Thermoplastics are materials that can melt at a certain temperature and harden when cooled.

There are debates about the safety of PVC, which is made of oil and salt. Because of its low price, yoga enthusiasts often use PVC. PVC yoga mats do not absorb sweat, so you should use yoga gloves or socks if you have sweaty palms or feet.


The natural rubber yoga mat may be the best choice for you if you aren’t sensitive to latex. Perspiration is absorbed, so it doesn’t slip as you move.

yoga mats

If this is not hygienic for you, you can place a yoga towel in between your mat and it will be perfectly clean.


TPE yoga mats may be familiar to you. They are made from thermal plastic elastomers. Due to its carbon content, it is an eco-friendly exercise mat. Neither it nor its rubber-like components are made of PVC.

The good thing about this type of yoga mat is that it inhibits the growth of bacteria even though it can’t absorb moisture. Does it have non-slip properties? Of course, it does. You will be able to do your poses safely.


What if you could make a mat from vegetables? This mesh mat is made from jute, which is a plant, so it helps the environment.

Jute plants mature in less than 4 years, and their leaves act as natural fertilizers, while they consume carbon dioxide, cleaning the air.

Your jute mat will make it easy for you to position yourself. Besides being extremely thin, it is also extremely comfortable. The exercise mat industry is becoming increasingly popular with jute.

After learning about the different types of yoga mats for sale, which one is your favorite?

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