Real Wedding Photographer Sydney

How do you find a real wedding photographer Sydney you can rely on? It isn’t easy to keep track of everything when you start searching because there are so many! But with a bit of preparation, you will be considerably more able to assess what you are looking at – and it is critical that you invest that time now rather than later.

Instead of being dazzled by attractive websites, consider breaking them down and assessing them based on four criteria:


Begin by browsing websites. What sort of picture grabs your attention and makes you exclaim, “THAT’S WHAT I WANT”? Look attentively – are you sure that the nicely staged photos you’re seeing are from real weddings?

How much of your wedding day will the photographer consume to produce them? Do you like a casual photojournalistic style where few people are aware of the camera trap presence? Above all, be sure that your selected photographer creates photos that make you feel something.

Real Wedding Photographer Sydney


Weddings are time-consuming, demanding, and stressful. It takes an expert to photograph 40+ weddings a year and still be creative and excited about their job. To not only tenderly capture the most intimate of gazes as vows are exchanged, but to organise 150 people for a group shot and keep everyone laughing, and never to forget that there is Only One Chance to get it right.

Professional Byron Bay wedding photographer take their job and vocation seriously; this is not a “hobby” for them. They charge a reasonable rate depending on their overhead, experience, and skill.


It is said that understanding and anticipating the Wedding Day requires expertise. However, it also takes expertise to understand and predict the couple’s requirements before and after the wedding – good old-fashioned service.

Employ a beginner developing their portfolio or a part-timer with a real world’ job and other obligations – but do so knowingly and pay accordingly.

A professional photographer is the only wedding vendor that works the whole wedding day, from the moment you put on your gown to the moment you put on your dance shoes.


What you ‘receive’ should be your final choice criterion. If the first three elements aren’t in place, no number of extras in section four will improve your wedding photos. Finally, the photography must be in the centre of your selection. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a professional and the best real wedding photographer Sydney. For more information, visit the website.

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