The Lightening Melbourne is one of the most crucial design decisions that you will make for your new house. First of all, the lighting system is installed to serve the functional needs that can provide the right amount of illumination to every corner of your house. But if we think practically then lighting is a major element and it will impact greatly not only on your house but on your pocket too. If you are going to pick the lighting system for your house then you need our advice. We have collected some useful information for you that will definitely help you.

Basically, there are three types of lighting systems and you must have awareness about all of them.  Before you head to the Light Shops Melbourne for buying them, you must know about the light needs of your room or house. The three types of lighting are ambient, task, and accent light. Whatever your requirements are, go to buy them. Ambient lighting is a primary source of light in the entire room and you can choose the overhead fixtures or sunken lights. Task lighting is used for some special activities such as reading, writing, and in front of a mirror.  Accent lighting is used for the decoration of the room that will catch the attention of everyone.

After you have got some information about the lighting systems, now you need to know about the options. Sconces are mounted on the walls and they can be hardwired on a cord and you can buy them in pairs. It does not matter whether you hang them near the fireplace or in front of the mirror, it is your choice. You can use it for catching the attention to a specific place such as a bookcase or art piece.

Flush Mounts & Semi-Flush Mounts are also mounting lights that are rooted in the ceiling where they brighten up your room and provide extra space to walk and move around. Pendants are also mounted but not at a height but they are normally too low. You can use a chain or wire for hanging them and the primary function is to provide task light. You can use them for the dining room or study table according to your required size. You can use lamps on the size tables of your bed or sofa but they will not brighten up the room.