Reusable bags for shopping are very trendy nowadays and promotional calico bags are the most commonly used ones by a lot of people. These promotional bags have a ton of benefits. When compared to the usual plastic bags, they are more durable and can be used multiple numbers of times. 

Reasons for using calico bags:

The following are some of the reasons why the reusable canvas bags are replacing conventional plastic sacks. 


The reusable calico bags are far stronger than the plastic ones. Shopping packs must be sufficiently able to hold food supplies and other heavy items. The benefit of using calico bags is that they are durable but also very lightweight. They are sewed in such a way that gives it strength without making it heavy. So you can easily use them as a shopping bag and carry them wherever you want. 

Strength and durability:

Calico bags are made up of Calico, which is basically a plain-woven cloth. This is the reason they are extremely durable. You can put all of your shopping supplies in it without the fear of tearing it. You can use a single calico bag for quite a long time. 


Another major benefit that comes along with the use of calico bags is that they are washable. These bags are used for the longer-term, so they are prone to getting dirty. But you do not need to worry about it as they are easily washable. You don’t need to follow any specific instructions to wash them. Just throw them in your washing machine along with other clothes, give it a spin and dry it later. Once washed, it will be as good as new. 


Since they are not single-use bags, you can use them for as long as you want. As compared to plastic sacks, they do not pollute the environment. Taking these bags while shopping will help you in avoiding the use of plastic bags so just know that you are helping out your environment in a very positive manner. 

Good for your business:

The promotional calico bags can be printed with information about your business on them. You can keep them in your store and give it to your customers who don’t bring their own bags with them. This way your bags will be circulated in the market and will go from one person to another. All of this will act as a free advertisement for your business.