The Victorian era started when Queen Victoria took the throne in the 1830s and it lasted till the 1900s. The Victorian clothing for ladies was very different but comfortable. It is said that women used to wear 37 pounds of heavy clothes during the winter season. These days’ women are willing to wear the Modern Victorian Inspired Dresses. There are many things you need to know about Victorian fashion for adopting it in a better way.

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The daily routine clothing was very simple that was made with hands. There were trimmed and sewn by hands and in 1850 women started wearing short puffed sleeves and V-shaped neckline. In the early 1960s, a new fashion which was called the Garibaldi shirt came out. It was a type of fashionable blouse that became very popular in women. In 1870, tea gowns came that was used in the afternoons by women and the evening dress was different. It was loose and flowing but undergarments were not used with them. When the Queen’s husband died, she went into grief and she started wearing the mourning clothes for the rest of her life. At this time, women used to mourn for more than one year they used to wear only black dresses and they also covered their faces with the black veils. Everything in the dress was black even the handkerchief too. After one or more years, the mourning dressing was limited and they were allowed to wear other colors too.

In Victorian times, it was not allowed to show body so the dress was always covered even during the bath time. They have never used the bikinis but used the bath dresses. In these dresses, ruffles and sleeves were included. A woman wore a sleeveless suit in which her legs were uncovered and she was arrested due to showing her body parts. The wedding gowns of Victorian women were made by using silk and satin. White color was very popular for a wedding dress but the cream color was also used. Beads and laces were used for making the dress beautiful and the neckline was kept high. A veil was used to cover the face of the bride. In winters, women used to wear heavy clothes with furs. They also used the Kashmiri shawls for saving them from cold. You can easily Buy Victorian Inspired Clothing Online according to your choice.