There are many levels to dressing up for the holidays. Some events call for casual, other for formal, and many ranges in the middle. Here are some ideas on great choices for social club events in your winter wardrobe.

Advice on colors is the same no matter the formality of the event: choose warm colors. The winter and Christmas season begs for warmth, from hot chocolate to a crackling fireplace. Match the mood in colors that reflect that feeling. Certainly red and green are popular, as is the classy black, but also think about colors such as wine, cranberry, plum, dusty rose and midnight blue, for example. The variety in women’s clothing in johannesburg is available in huge variety.

Dressing for the Casual Get Together

Most family holiday parties in North America are on the casual side. But just because other people are wearing jeans and a T-shirt doesn’t mean you have to. There are some simple choices to make you feel and look good at a casual party. While you may want to wear a skirt or dress, keep in mind that parties overflowing with family members in someone’s house may mean that the seating choices are limited. And it is much more comfortable to sit on the floor and play with the little ones in slacks than in a skirt.

For pants, consider a heavy corduroy for texture and warmth in a deep mocha color. Or find a tweed with a mix of colors running through the fabric, showing subtle depth. Velveteen pants are also very festive.

For a top, save your cable knit sweaters for every day. To really denote the special occasion, pick something a little more showy. Look for faux fur collars and cuffs or fabrics that are glittery or silky. Silky tops are not very warm, so think about a wrap that you can wear if you get chilled.

Clothes for a Dressed-Up Holiday Occasion

The event is neither formal nor a casual family affair. You can start with choosing pieces similar to the casual event, previous, and step it up a notch. This can easily be done with accessories, allowing you to take an outfit from one event to another. Add sparkly layers of jewelry, attention-grabbing boots or shoes, and decorative hair clips.

Skirts and dresses are also a good option for this type of event. Wool, suede, and other warm and texture-filled fabrics are good choices. Pair a long suede skirt with knee-high boots and a wool turtleneck sweater, topped off with dangling gold earrings. Or wear a sweater dress with a belt, colored stockings and flashy shoes. Wear your hair up in sparkly accessories for the full effect.

The Right Attire for a Formal Affair

If you are dressing for a big event such as a holiday ball, you have many styles to choose from. Strapless dresses and short skirts are okay for semiformal events, especially if paired with a faux fur wrap, velvet cape, or cashmere jacket. Choose from metallic and liquid gold hues, or iridescent or sequined gowns. All catch the light and draw the eye to you. High-waisted dresses are very popular and if they drape properly, they can hide any tummy bulges. Bring attention to your face with hair in an updo and glimmering earrings and necklaces. Shoes should sport a shiny patent leather or glittery accents. Don’t forget the little things. If your outfit is great but your nails are gnawed on, it can bring down the whole look.

Dress so that you are not constantly worrying about whether a bra strap is sticking out or the clothes are bulging. If you feel confident in your clothing you will look that much better.