Concrete Candle vessel

Who hasn’t needed a candle at one point or another? We’re aware of the mess they can leave behind and why a amazing candle holder is a must have.

They are flammable wicks inserted in wax and they provide light. In other cases, they are also used for their fragrances which often have a relaxing and soothing effect.

People who desire to relax use candles for their relaxing effects. In addition, they also provide heat and once upon a time, they were used to keep time.

There have been various devices over time invented to hold them.

Safely Using a Candle

These are some measures to ensure safety when using it;

  •         A burning candle must be out of reach of children and pets.
  •         Trim wicks each time before burning.
  •         It should be stable and heat resistant

Candle Vessels

They use friction tight sockets to hold the candle in an upright position. They can be made of different materials, depending on the use. They include:

  •         Glass holders.
  •         Multi candle stands.
  •         Wall sconces.
  •         Bobeche.
  •         Concrete.

It is important that the candle holders are not flammable so that they don’t catch fire when it is lit.

Concrete Candle Vessels

The Concrete Candle vessel have been used over time for storage for different small items including jewelry. There are newer designs used as candle holders and these can be molded in different appealing designs.

Cement used to make the concretes isspecially developed and undergoes a long and thorough testing and can be changed by select concrete colors. For more effect, the concrete is prepared in small batches and later transferred into molds to get the desired.

They are long lasting and most of them are inflammable. They make a very thoughtful item to gift to a friend, acquaintance or a workmate.

Why Should you Consider Using a Concrete Candle Vessel?

They are ideal holders because they won’t catch fire. A well-made concrete vessel does not leak.

They also don’t crack or break and all these ensure safety in use.

They are also very long lasting and are poor conductors of heat.

Making it is a great project one can engage in as a DIY project.

Concrete candle vessels, like the inoko vessel, come in small and large sizes. It is filled into the vessels and can be replaced when the it is used up.