backless wedding dress in the UK

Wedding season is coming, but you have no backless dress to wear. Your local boutique is sold out of your size, the internet doesn’t help and everyone else has a wedding. There’s just one option left for you: to get a custom-made backless wedding dress in the UK from an online shop! This can be a tricky process, so here’s some advice for beginners on how to get this done with the best possible result.

How to get the backless wedding dress you want?

First of all, you have to find a shop that will make your dress. You can start with Google and try to do some searching on the internet. But it’s not always clear what type of dresses are available, so it’s more reliable to work on your chances offline. The best way would be to visit bridal boutiques in one mall and ask them if they will sew a backless dress for you. Maybe they won’t have your size, but it’s worth a shot.

backless wedding dress in the UK

At this point, you should know that most big bridal shops are afraid of making custom-made dresses for non-regular customers who want unusual designs or styles that can’t be produced very easily in the production line style. That’s why they will always ask you to try on a sample and offer you to make a trial order. If you’re lucky and they like your style and look, they will then sew the dress for you without any problems.

As you’re probably aware, there are many kinds of wedding dresses available in the market. So if you have a narrow choice, then you will have to limit yourself to a specific type of dress.

Another way of finding low-back wedding dresses in the UK is to approach wedding planners in your locality, who would know better about bridal shops that can help. They may have already worked with one of them or have their personal favorites. Sometimes there are local bridal shops on social media websites also, so that may work fine as well.


Finding backless wedding dresses in the UK can be a tricky and frustrating process, so don’t rush it. You probably won’t be the first person in your city who wants to have a dress like that, so help can come from every direction. This is just the start of your journey into the world of backless wedding dresses.

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