Buying of pet guinea pig, rabbit, bird, ferret, mouse or rat means you need to prepare your family for various ways of taking care for years. The adopting family needs to commit seriously to caring for the animal.  Children also need to learn about caring for these animals and the responsibilities that are involved in having baby animals in their household. They also require understanding that unconditional love given by the pet. The parent needs to teach and guide their children on the choice of animal husbandry and pet they should choose. They also have to engage in daily supervision and caring for the animals and meeting their daily requirements. Let’s explore more on different baby animals Perth you can adopt

Guinea Pigs

The guinea pigs are fun and exciting little characters, and when given the right facilities easy to care for, and require proper handling. They are easy to tame and offer the best companion sitting beside you. Guinea Pigs are social animals, and for enjoyable companionship, you need to keep more than one pet guinea pig.


The domestic rabbits require inquisitive, and they are fun loving and very appealing pets. They are a super social animal that needs patience and time with tailor-made training to make then the most excellent companions. Rabbits do need to enjoy frequent exercise outside their home hutch and in a safe place under strict adult supervision.


Ferrets are amusing and exciting pets. They are friendly, inquisitive and also mischievous animals that love to investigate and they are not caged animals, They need the same space and living areas like small dogs, and they are sociable animals that enjoy spending time with the owner and indoors.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice make the most excellent pets and quite widespread and found in most homes. They are super inquisitive and gentle little pets when handled appropriately, and they also need significant houses with enough spaces for exercising.  Rats are affectionate and intelligent creatures that love spending their time grooming and resting, and they have a unique personality of thriving where there is mental and physical stimulation. Rats do love company and keeping a pair of same-sex is ideal, and with lots of regular handling, they enjoy curling up and snoozing on your laps while exploring your world that’s perched and surrounding your shoulder.

Domesticated baby animals are attractive, and very easy to handle if the proper care, safe environment and love are given all the time.